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As beekeepers, we can offer a wide range of services that help our community hive and the bees that pollinate our food. Just to list a few...

Swarm Capture

If there's a swarm of bees on your property or worksite, safe and rapid removal is a bee-emergency! Call ASAP, and we will rehome the colony.

Pollination Services

We are happy to make arrangements with farmers to facilitate larger crop yields by setting up hives in the fields for crop pollination.


If you teach or homeschool and would like someone to speak to your students about these amazing creatures, look no further.


For those brave and wise souls who wish to take up the coolest hobby or side hustle in the universe.

Save the Bees

Contributing to Pollination Nation is as simple as patronizing our online store. We are committed to the long-term success of Tennessee's State Agricultural Insect -- the Honey Bee.

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Honey & What Nots

Our bugs, or "the girls" as chief bee whisperer Jason likes to call them, make some pretty useful raw ingredients. We are thrilled to offer the fruits of our worker bees labor to the global community!

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Husband and wife team Jason and Katie Stiltner work together to serve the bee community on their humble honestead in Rockvale, Tennessee. On occasion their children adorn smaller beesuits and "help" with the hives.

Jason Stiltner

Chief Bee Whisperer

Katie Stiltner

Chief Bee Whisperer Whisperer


Located just a quarter mile from Murfreesboro's city limits, our country-esque location offers the bees a variety of foraging spaces near Overall Creek. As a fully registered Bee Yard with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, farmers within our bee's eight mile foraging range are restricted from utilizing herbicides, insecticides, and other sprays at certain times of the year.


5633 Constantine Drive, Rockvale, TN 37153

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